Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agents

Tired of looking all over the web for a list of Sunshine Coast real estate agents? Here’s a list below of some that are close by to us. We are an independent building and pest inspection company and have no affiliation with any real estate agents. The following agencies are listed in alphabetical order. Amber […]

Report: Sunshine Coast House Prices To Increase 7%

When one thinks of the capital for the housing market in Australia, Sydney is probably the first place to come to mind. With its ever-rising house prices, it just seems reasonable that it’s at the top however new research done by BIS Shrapnel reveals that Sydney may not be in the lead for too long. […]

How a Building Inspection Can Save You Money

If you are purchasing a property, whether it be your first home or an investment property including a licensed building and pest inspection as part of the buying process can save you thousands of dollars in the future. An inspection can be requested by either the seller or the buyer and ensures that any problems […]

Buderim House Destroyed by Termites

A home in 12 Raintrees Court in Buderim was destroyed by termites without the owners’ knowledge. The exterior features of the home make it look like a dream home in a beautiful environment and in a quiet street in Buderim. The owners of the home are a young couple that bought the house two years […]

How to Avoid Building Disputes

Any time that a building dispute occurs, chances are that the nature of dispute has to do with a perceived defect in the building’s structure. This however is far from being the only cause for all of the different building disputes that get filed. Why Do Disputes Happen? Even without any serious defects in the […]

What’s In Stall for the Mooloolaba Wharf Redevelopment?

Ownership of the Mooloolaba Wharf recently shifted from Merlin Entertainments to Evans Long. The process of acquiring and transferring the property took approximately two years. This well-known Sunshine Coast development could undergo tremendous change in the years to come. It’s new owners intend to turn the site into a mixed residential and commercial establishment. The […]

Termite activity caught in the nick of time!

I discovered Live Schedorhinotermes spp located concealed behind a cardboard box within a Subfloor storage area. The only sign of termite activity was a single mud lead located in the corner of the storage area. On further inspection, the cardboard box was removed and a termite gallery was located! The box was actually glued to […]


Poor site drainage can lead to many problems in and around your home. Inspect around your property, especially adjacent to the house. After rain, a walk over the entire area will help to identify any boggy or obviously wet areas. Rain water run off can accumulate in pockets and be held, even on sloping sites and […]

Roofing Defect Found at a Building and Pest Inspection

Detected early this could have been avoided, costly repairs to ceiling damage can be avoided with regular Building Inspections. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other building matter, you can call Chris at BPI Building and Pest Inspections on1800 663 390 visit or email us on  

Termite Damage to Hardwood Trusses

On inspection of this home at Maryborough we found termite damage and mud tubes to hardwood trusses. The damage was extensive. Termites will attack hardwood. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other building matter, you can call Chris at BPI Building and Pest Inspections on1800 663 390 visit or email […]